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Venus Factor Review Summary: Waiting to fit in that little black dress you’ve been keeping in the closet for years? Do you have lesser time to go to the gym? Weight loss is one of the most talked about topics nowadays. In this day and age where everything is instant, many of us began to be unhealthy. We prefer staying at home on rest days to binge watch our favorite shows. We love anything instant and everything delivered within our reach. According to the World Health Organization, 39% of adults ranging from 18 years old and above are overweight. Our lives are fast paced. We prefer fast food over healthy cooked meals. This results to forgotten exercise and healthy diet which are important.


There are lots of methods that promise you to lose weight fast but are those worth it? However, there are programs that will not only help up lose weight but help us stay healthy. It can be hard for us to be disciplined enough to stay fit since there are a lot of diet pills to easily lose weight within our reach. We can always take that drink or pill to lose weight in an instant but it will not keep us healthy holistically. So, here is a diet program that will give us that holistic approach: The Venus Factor. Let’s get to know this program more and what it can do to us!

Overview: What is Venus Factor?

Venus Factor is a program that has a step-by-step diet and exercise plan. It is designed to promote a healthy and natural way to lose weight specifically designed for women. It is a 12-week weight loss program that is specifically designed to achieve and maintain the equilibrium in our hormones specifically the ones for appetite and weight gain. As we age, we experience hormonal imbalance and this result to difficulty in staying fit and in shape. Apart from this, as women, we tend to put on weight during pregnancy.

In the Venus Factor program, you will get Nutrition and Dietary advice. Apart from this, the program will provide an Exercise program designed for your body. The workout program is designed without the need of using expensive equipment. You don’t have to go to the gym to perform the exercises here! This is good news for women who are working from home.

If you choose to avail the Venus Factor program, you will get an exclusive access to the Venus Factor Community where you will meet people that go through the same healthier choice. You will see the latest weight loss research, development, trends and how you can apply this to further achieve your goal! You will get all of this information from the creator himself, John Barban. Apart from this, Venus Factor also has an add-on feature of coaching calls where you can get more detailed and personalized approach on your program. John Barban will answer all your queries to help you if you have trouble in achieving your goal. This ensures success in that body you have always wanted and truly transform.

Who formulated the program?

John Barban is a best-seller writer and nutritionist. Barban studied at the University of Guelph which can be found in Ontario, Canada. He achieved a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Human Biology and Nutrition. He also had 3 years of experience as a Varsity Strength and Conditioning coach specifically in Ice Hockey at the University of Guelph too. He expanded his graduate research and even taught Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida. He is currently a Professor and Researcher of Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida.

Venus Factor Review John Barban

Josh Barban

Here are some of his training certifications:

· NCSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS)

· ACE Personal Trainer (PT)

· Canadian Society Of Exercise Physiology (CSEP)

· Kinesiology

Apart from these arrays of certificates, Barban works in the dietary and sports supplement industry. For 8 long years, he researches and develops supplements for weight loss and sports.

Here are some of the brands that are associated with his work:

· MuscleTech

· NxLabs

· Slimquick


· BlueStar Nutraceuticals

· Empowered Nutrition Products

· John Barban Workout

Looking closely at John Barban’s colorful background assures us that the program he formulated is very good. His expertise in the field of health is very promising indeed.

How does it work?

John Barban, during his study when it comes to health and nutrition, realized that one of the biggest problems we had in staying fit and losing weight is our Leptin level in our system. Our sensitivity to the hormone Leptin defines our susceptibility to gain or lose fat.

Naturally, as we age and particularly after having kids, we become more resistant in Leptin. This results in our bodies slowly burning fat and storing it instead. Men and Women have different physical characteristics. Ever wondered why most exercises designed for men might not work for you? Listed below are some of the reasons why women need a different approach when it comes to losing weight:

· Women have hormone levels that are higher.

Women have an abundance of Leptin compared to men. In fact, it is twice as much.

· Women have a stronger resistance.

Women resist the effects of Leptin and results to more weight gain.

· Fasting makes Leptin levels drop drastically.

As the statement goes, when women begin fasting, leptin levels drop at a dramatic level.

Barban’s studies led to what he calls as the metabolic override. He created a strategy that increases the level of Leptin and makes a woman’s body respond to it. It is very effective that you can even have cheat days and treat yourself to food that most diets won’t allow. Amazing, right? Venus Factor’s method is formulated to specifically target Leptin and reverse its resistance to women. This is achieved by Venus Factor’s combination of dietary changes and 12-week exercise plan.

“12 Week Undulating Metabolic Override Program” is the diet plan created to maintain the metabolism of our body to naturally burn and lose weight. This will increase your chances to achieve that toned body you’ve always wanted. This diet involves you eating different meals with different calorie counts each day. You will be given an access to a Virtual Nutritionist Software Program that will help you in calculating the balance of the food you will eat for over the course of 12 weeks. This leptin diet, which Venus Factor focuses on, is mainly based on your current lifestyle which is why this is a perfect program. For instance, you are invited to parties or social gatherings that require you to eat food that isn’t part of the diet you won’t need to worry because the diet plan is flexible. The great news about this program is that as you become leaner, your body will have a better metabolism. This will result to the Virtual Nutritionist telling you to eat more calories.

Another part of the Venus Factor is the exercise program. This is crafted to specifically tone your so-called problem areas. You can also choose to take extra modules that will help in getting a flatter stomach and finely shaped buttocks among others. This is titled as the “Final Phase workout” that not only makes you look like you lost weight but makes you look marvelous! On top of all these features mentioned above, another benefit of this program is the access to the online community of Venus Factor. This is where you will meet people who will help you get through the program to keep you motivated and supported.

What is the scientific basis for this program?

The Venus Factor is based on a new scientific discovery of the Leptin substance. Extensive research and trials were made and studies have shown that this substance is a great contributor to making us fatter or slimmer.

According to research, there are a number of factors that contributes to Leptin resistance in our bodies. They have concluded that diets high in fructose may cause Leptin resistance and hasten obesity. Fructose is present in a lot of processed foods. Another study was done on the correlation between Leptin and the brain. Scientists used a mouse for their experiment. They conducted the study by inducing inflammation in the hypothalamus thus reducing the effect of the Leptin. This made the mice gain weight. All they did was feed the mice a high-fat diet.

Elevated levels of free fatty acids in the bloodstream may also hinder with the brain’s reaction to increased leptin levels. These higher levels of fatty acids happen during the digestion of carbohydrates. Another cause of leptin resistance is its high level in our body. More fat in your body results to more Leptin.

What do you get in the program?

Now that we know how the Venus Factor work and what it does, we have to understand its other components. There are five components in the Venus Factor program:

1. The Essential Fat-Loss Diet guide

In this guide, you will learn the different kinds of foods that raise Leptin resistance in our bodies. Some of these are soy, sugary snacks, and low fiber snacks just to name a few. You will get to know the right types of food you should eat so that the Leptin’s effect will gradually increase in your body. This will also help you become not only slimmer but healthier and stronger.

The goal of the exercise plan is to achieve overall health and holistically boost your immune system.

Other programs or diet plans merely lets you lose fat quicker and won’t guarantee lasting changes. Comparing this, Venus Factor offers a holistic change and helps you actually maintain it. There are programs that simply offer either a diet plan or an exercise plan. However, Venus Factor offers BOTH.

This ensures that you achieve the perfect results. As I have mentioned, there are programs out there that focus only on diet, but modern research taught us that the more muscles you have, the more it will allow you to burn more fats. This is the reason why people who are trying to lose weight go to diets with very low-calorie intake or fasting.

However, this will lower the Leptin levels! Leptin controls metabolism, appetite, and a lot of other factors that contribute to weight loss.

It is even more significant to women because of the difference in bodily functions in contrast to men. You will receive a crash course in calorie counting as part of the program to learn more about portion control and eating properly.

2. The 12-Week Workout Program

For 12 weeks or 3 months, you will receive a very flexible program that you can use in the comforts of your own home or even the gym. The fat burning workout routine will give you a step by step routine that is targeted to develop the hourglass shape that you desire to achieve.

You will follow videos that are accessible online and can be downloaded at your convenience. This will give you a hassle- free way to gain the shape you always wanted to have without hiring expensive personal trainers.

3. The Virtual Nutritionist Software App

Apart from having saved up for personal trainers, you will get an access to information that you will get only from consulting nutritionists! The Virtual Nutritionist App, another perk of the Venus Factor program, enables you to quickly automate the eating process by counting calories and proteins in your diet. This then will be measured against your ideal numbers. This will allow you to know how much time you still need from having your perfect meal with exact portions every time.

4. The Venus Index Podcast

This enables you to tune in and witness others, just like you, who are undergoing the same struggles to reach the ideal body. It is mainly an instructional and motivational tool for you. This will help boost your motivation because you will feel the success of this program. These podcasts are powerful mental tools for losing weight.

5. The Venus Community

The Venus Community is another motivational tool combined with the Venus Index Podcast. You will have the complete support of this community where you can talk to other women in the forums. It enables you to share your story, read theirs, share recipes and success in the program.

Will it work for you?

Every woman has a different biochemistry, lifestyle, and discipline. It can be quite difficult to tell the kind of results that will take effect once you avail this program. However, losing 30, 40, or even 50 pounds or more is not uncommon in the first 2-3 months after undergoing the Venus Factor program. This program is designed based on your lifestyle and discipline to maintain it. The only truth that can be said is that you will never be the same person again once you are done! It all rests in your hands.

The Positives and Negatives of Venus Factor

In any program, there are two sides of the coin. Here are some important points you need to know before starting the Venus Factor Program:


  • Venus Factor focuses on helping control Leptin in your body. This hormone is responsible for controlling hunger. The diet helps us create changes in our nutrition so our body will produce lower quantities of Leptin.
  • It shows how to remodel your body by exercising regularly and eating healthy.
  • It is research-based.
  • It is a one of a kind diet program that is capable of providing results targeted to women. It is not only about building muscles or losing weight. It focuses on the holistic enhancement and muscle toning.
  • Venus Factor gives easy workout routines and features comprehensive videos and stills.
  • It provides unique exercises and nutrition plan depending on the information they received from you.
  • It doesn’t require you to stop eating your favorite food but rather allow you to consume it in moderation.
  • The work-out doesn’t require expensive tools or the gym. The program allows you to work in the comforts of your own home or the gym, your choice.
  • It has a risk-free agreement with 60 days money back guarantee.
  • The program is accessible in digital format and can be accessed as soon as payment is made.


  •  It is more about body transformation not just losing weight.
  •  Results aren’t immediate and staying motivated can be difficult.
  •  Hard work and discipline are necessary for the program to be effective.
  •  This program is targeted for women only, so men won’t gain anything from joining this program.
  •  As this program requires you to download sources from the internet, you should have an internet connection at home.

Are there any risks in following a Leptin-based diet?

There are no risks in going on a diet based on Leptin control. A well-developed leptin diet has no health risks since there are no products that you can take that can help you balance it. It is solely based on a healthy lifestyle and moderated exercise program. However, an excess of Leptin storage or resistance to it can lead to life-threatening diseases and one of this is obesity.

Are there any other ways to avail the program?

The program is only available online and can’t be purchased from offline stores. To ensure safety from scams, the Venus Factor program can only be purchased in the Venus Factor Official Website along with a tightly secured server. It is delivered by electronic download as soon as payment is approved. You can have the access to the entire programs as soon as you click that button. There are no shipments involved so there is no need to wait or deal with delayed arrivals.

Final Thoughts

The Venus Factor program sounds promising. It is packed with a lot of features that not only focuses on your physical health but mental as well! It has a community that will let you witness other’s transformation. It doesn’t only give you a workout plan but partners it with a diet plan. It caters to your needs and is flexible enough. Apart from this, you will learn a lot from their program. From nutrition, calorie count, inexpensive exercise plan, and a whole lot, you will be more hands-on in your diet with the help of their apps.

The downsides of this program are: it is only for women and you need a working internet at home or wherever you wish to do the program to be able to download the videos and photos. Despite these, the program has its holistic approach and can be effective to all women. It mainly rests in your discipline and will to get your ideal body. What are you waiting for? Sign up and get that body you’ve always wanted!

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