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Pregnancy Miracle Review Intro: Is parenthood your lifelong dream? Do you want to give birth to a healthy baby? A lot of men and women worldwide have issues with infertility. According to the World Health Organization, at least one in four couples were found to be infertile. Medical practitioners tried to address this issue. However, it is pretty difficult to deal up because of the inconsistent use of definitions and tools to diagnose. It can be frustrating to know that despite years of medical advancement, a lot of couples can’t have a child.


The medical field has tried to provide solutions for infertility but some of those involve surgery and a lot of money. There are alternatives available that are not only affordable but also effective. One of this is the Pregnancy Miracle. It promotes overall health and targets your infertility issues. You might be wondering for how is this possible? Read along to know more!

Overview: What is Pregnancy Miracle?

Pregnancy Miracle, developed by Lisa Olson, is a clinically proven method of getting pregnant. It uses natural techniques that can help you get pregnant even if you are in your 40s, having Uterine Fibroids, Tubal Obstruction, or other infertility causes.

This program comes in the form of an e -book. It teaches you the process of removing infertility using a form of treatment from Ancient China. It is a powerful system and one of the best-selling guides for fertility. In this book, you will understand how the reproductive system works for both men and women. The Pregnancy Miracle program doesn’t require you to take any drug and surgery.

Who formulated the program?

Lisa Olson developed the Pregnancy Miracle. She is a health consultant, nutritionist, and researcher specializing in Chinese Medicine. She experienced the troubles of infertility and this led her to create the Pregnancy Miracle.

Lisa Olson

Olson was 30 when she and her husband decided to start a family. They were planning to have their first child. At that time, Olson was in perfect condition to have a baby and shouldn’t have any issues since she doesn’t have any history of miscarriages. However, after months of trying, she didn’t get pregnant. She and her husband consulted their doctor and discovered that she can’t get pregnant. Being a nutritionist and researcher herself, Olson read everything about fertility. She began interviewing a lot of women who suffered infertility. After 14 years of research, she produced a number of tips on how to reverse infertility. The result of her research was astonishing. At the age of 43, she finally gave birth to two healthy kids.

Features of the Pregnancy Miracle

· Get Pregnant While Reversing the Effects of Infertility – Not only can Pregnancy Miracle help you in getting pregnant, but it can also reverse the effects of fertility disorders like Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids, and Endometriosis. These hindrances can be battled through having a right diet, getting exercise, and improving your sex life.

· Holistic Pregnancy – There are numerous factors involving infertility. Pregnancy Miracle tackles all those factors, as well as helping you get pregnant.

· Avoid Using Drugs or Undergoing Surgery – If you are infertile, you would most likely resort to taking drugs that treat infertility, or worse, get surgery to correct the issue. These methods have a big chance of failing, and would even go as far as doing permanent damage to your body.

· Using a Mix of Modern and Ancient Medicine to Defeat Infertility – Lisa Olson, being a nutritionist, has researched food that would help you balance your hormones. She discovered that it would take both modern Alternative Medicine and ancient Chinese Medicine to help with balancing your hormones, therefore healing your infertility.

Who is it for?

The Pregnancy Miracle regimen is designed to help couples with infertility issues. If you:

· Are in your late 30’s or more

· Have been diagnosed with Tubal Obstruction, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts

· Had a miscarriage in the past

· Are having issues with your male partner’s low sperm count

· Avoid corrective, invasive surgery

· Avoid unnatural procedures like taking medication, getting IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), and IUI (Intrauterine insemination)

These hurdles will be resolved just by going through the Pregnancy Miracle e-book.

How does it work?

The Pregnancy Miracle contains a lot of information about fertility. Olson explains the male and female anatomy and how fertility works in them. This book is not your typical guide to pregnancy and the techniques are very different from the ones we see in the medical field. Olson illustrates the reasons why many couples have difficulty in conceiving. The book introduces a step-by-step process that will guide men and women towards fertility.

The Pregnancy Miracle first explains the reproductive system of men and women. It gives a review of its anatomy and how the hormonal system work. It also provides us with proper guidelines about sex and the factors that will help conceive a child. Genes and how it affects infertility was also discussed.

The next chapter discusses infertility in more detail. It explains the causes of infertility, its signs, and how to determine fertility. After this, Olson explains the trends in modern medicine and why it may not be effective for everyone. You will understand the Eastern methods of infertility and how it differs from Western medicine. You will also see a questionnaire that will help you determine how to approach infertility issues.

The fourth chapter is the heart of the book. It contains Olson’s steps on how to naturally conceive. She explains a two-step process that you have to undergo to achieve the right balance and harmony in order to conceive a baby. Olson has provided a healthy regimen that consists of a diet that includes Chinese herbs, exercises like Qi Gong, enhancement of vitamins and minerals in the body, optimized sleep, and toxin cleansing. She also suggested the use of acupuncture techniques for energy cleansing.

What is the basis for this program?

The Pregnancy Miracle is the result of the 14 years of research done by Lisa Olson. Since she also experienced infertility during her 30’s, she went on a quest to combat infertility. Using holistic and ancient Chinese medicine as her research basis, she was able to overcome her own inability to bear children.

What do you get in the program?

Olson provided all the techniques that you will need to successfully conceive. The techniques in the Pregnancy Miracle e-book are well researched and tested. In fact, 26 out of the 36 women who tried this program were able to give birth to healthy children. You will learn a lot of the following after joining this program:

· The 5-step Holistic Approach

This approach is one of the reasons why this program became a success. It helped a lot of women worldwide in reversing infertility and in child-bearing.

· Fertility Food

Olson gives the 10 foods that will help you conceive. This helped Olson reverse her problem with infertility too.

· The Truth about Infertility Treatment

Olson shares her research about typical infertility treatments out in the medical field. Apart from this, you will also learn how to obtain similar treatments and conventional medication for infertility.

· The Secret Hormonal Balancing Supplement

Olson discussed a secret to balancing your hormones through a supplement. She claims that this will greatly improve your fertility.

· Breathing Strategies

These breathing exercises were tried and tested by her and her clients. This is claimed to improve the production of hormones in our bodies and reverse issues in infertility.

The Pregnancy Miracle will guide you through the process of reversing infertility without risking your health by using chemicals or surgery.

How the Pregnancy Miracle Program Came to Be

Lisa Olson, being healthy during her 30’s, never thought that she would be unable to conceive a child. Being unable to get pregnant, she then went on to read medical and nutritional books that aim to help couples with infertility issues. She was able to speak with a midwife and a Chinese medicine expert who helped her in formulating the program. Succeeding in getting pregnant herself is proof that the Pregnancy Miracle program is very effective. It worked not only on her but also with other couples who tried it as well. No recorded miscarriages. And that is how the Pregnancy Miracle program came to be.

Success Stories of Pregnancy Miracle

Pregnancy Miracle became popular among couples who are having issues trying to bear a child. It is very successful and effective. Here are some of the success stories to testify to this:

  • Nicole Terry from Australia – She was already 44 years old when she decided to try Pregnancy Miracle. Before discovering the program, she had a history of miscarriages and was diagnosed with genetic issues. This prevented her from conceiving a child. She was able to get pregnant after reading the book and following the program for 4 weeks.
  • Lauren Ross from the U.S.A – She was already 38 years old when her specialist told her that she can’t conceive a child. Her only options to have a child were to adopt or get donor eggs. This led her to the Pregnancy Miracle book. It opened her mind to alternative medicine. After following the step-by-step guide for a month, she conceived a healthy baby boy!
  • Christal Graham from London, U.K – Her doctor told her that adoption is the only option for her to have a child. The Pregnancy Miracle helped her succeed in conceiving a child after 3 months of being in the program. She noted that the logical yet compassionate approach of Olson about infertility captivated her to try the regime.
  • Daphne Silvertsen from the U.S.A – She was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and POS (Premature Ovarian Failure). Her doctor told her that apart from being 42, she would not be able to conceive a child given her diagnosis. However, the Pregnancy Miracle has shown her hope and now she is on the road to becoming a mother.
  • Imani Lombardi from France – The experience of having a miscarriage is not only saddening for you but your family as well. Unfortunately, Imani had to go through the experience 12 weeks into her pregnancy. A decade later, she finally discovered Pregnancy Miracle, which gave her a winning advantage, realizing the mistakes she made in combating infertility in the previous years.

These are only some of the miracles that this program brought to these families. It has proven its effectiveness despite the diagnosis of specialists.

The Positives and Negatives of Pregnancy Miracle

The Pregnancy Miracle shows a lot of promise to women who are experiencing infertility. However, before going through this program, you must understand what you will get by using an objective point of view. To further understand this program, here are some of the pros and cons of the Pregnancy Miracle:


· Pregnancy Miracle has a holistic approach and is clinically proven to reverse infertility.

· Uses Ancient Chinese Treatment that is proven and well-researched.

· It can be used by both men and women who experience infertility.

· It is user-friendly and can be easily understood.

· Free 3 month private email coaching from a professional specializing in nutrition.

· Features lifetime free upgrades

· Features 60 days Money Back Guarantee


· The Pregnancy Miracle program takes hard work and will take you at least 2 months to see the results. You have to make time and commit to doing this program.

· You might find Pregnancy Miracle to be overwhelming if you are not into reading books with 200 pages and above.

· It is only available in PDF form. You’d have to print it out if you opt for a physical book.

Are there any risks in following this program?

Since Pregnancy Miracle is based on natural factors like food intake and sexual positions that increase chances of conceiving a child, the program is virtually risk-free. No chemicals, no artificial procedures, no invasive surgeries. Pregnancy Miracle will definitely help you with your hurdles of having children without sacrificing your health.

What are the ways to avail this program?

All you have to do to get your hands on the Pregnancy Miracle is visit their website. This is an e-book that you can easily download and view on PC or Mac. There are no physical products needed for this program so you don’t have to wait or worry about shipping fee. You can immediately start the program after your purchase the e-book!

Final Thoughts

The Pregnancy Miracle has a plethora of information to share about infertility that you won’t typically see in any other medical books. It is separated into different sections that are very easy to read. Each chapter of this book targets the problems most couples experience when having trouble conceiving a child. You can use the table of contents to get what you need and simply skip to the information that applies the most to you.

Olson’s book can be a long read but you are assured that every process she presents is well explained and tested. It includes a fertility plan complete with various treatments that will give you a higher chance to conceive and have a healthy child. What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!


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