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Phen 375 Review

Phen 375 Review


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Christmas season is just around the corner. Most of us will be attending parties here and there. Of course, in every party food will always be present. This will lead us to get the Christmas celebration not only on our spirits but also on our stomachs. All the roasted chicken, beef, and sweets will go to our stomachs. Since not everyone is a fan of exercise, this might end up as fat and result to weight gain.

Despite this challenge, advanced scientific studies have led researchers to discover programs and pills that will help everyone lose that extra weight and live a better life. We always wanted to achieve that fit body. However, it can be impossible due to the busy lives we have. One of the most popular diet pills in the market is the Phen 375, but what is it? Let us get to know this product more and if this is really the solution we are looking for.

Overview: What is Phen 375?

Phen 375 is short for the name Phentemine 375. It is totally different from the Phentermine that has a letter “r” in its name. Phen 375 is a dietary supplement that aids in our metabolism and helps achieve our ideal weight. It is crafted especially for weight loss and appetite suppression. This diet pill can be classified as an extreme option if other diets and exercise aren’t really working out for you. You have to keep in mind your tolerance for this type of diet pill and that this is not a solution for everyone.

Phen 375 is a very potent product that can be of your aid especially if you really want to lose those pounds that are still there despite the tons of exercise and effort you did. This is also a very good short-term weight loss solution for the ones who want a quick solution. The Phen 375 can be noted as one of the most potent products of its type that can be purchased without a prescription in the United States. It also comes at an affordable price given its effectiveness.

How does it work?

A lot of diet pills are now out in the market. They all have different approaches when it comes to fat burning. However, the two essential methods we should all bank on is fat burning and appetite suppression feature. These are the most significant feature especially if you are looking for diet pills and Phen 375 has these. So how does the Phen 375 really work?

  • As fat burner.
    The Phen 375 has fat burning components that will turn these so-called fats into energy that is useful. This adopts a multi-faceted approach and as per regular use, will help increase the ability of your body to burn calories even if you are not doing anything. The combined approaches will guarantee that you will lose weight even if you are not exercising. This is very convenient since not everyone has the time to work out or go to the gym. However, it is advisable for you to get a diet plan to achieve the most favorable result.
  • As an appetite suppressant.
    As you have known, Phen 375 is a very potent pill. The appetite suppressant quality of this type of diet pill may sometimes be undervalued. However, this is a very important component especially if you are looking for results. It helps in stopping you from eating another slice of cake or getting that second bag of chips thus managing your cravings.

Once you adopt a healthy diet and start with the Phen 375, you will feel less hungry and a lot more satisfied with eating smaller amounts of food. Phen 375 is also thermogenic. This means that even if you are eating less, your body is doing more with the nutrition you are putting into it. This results in the increase of weight loss in a whole new level especially with the combined power of the ingredients of the pill.

Those are some of the basic information we should know about Phen 375. Another question that may be bugging you is “Does it work?” This question can be a bit tricky to answer since it can be hard to simply rely on single anecdotal evidence. However, there are thousands of users worldwide that presented testimonials and reviews that claims that this is one of the widely effective weight loss option out in the market.

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What is the scientific basis for this program?

There hasn’t been any clinical trial for the Phen 375. Despite this, all of the ingredients that have been present in this dietary supplement are deemed safe and can really make people lose weight. Here you can know more about some of the ingredients present in the Phen 375 and why it is trustworthy:

  • L. Carnitine studies – a lot of studies have been done on this ingredient and if it really is effective in losing weight. In 2012, a study in Pagmavathi University, India proved that this is really effective. They gathered obese individuals who underwent a treatment where they will take 1000mg of L. Carnitine for 30 days. It was successful and the individuals lost weight and became healthier. The researchers found out that this substance increases the oxidation of fatty acids.
  • Coleaus Forskolii – researchers from the University of Memphis conducted a study where they gathered around 23 women. These women were given 250mg of 10% CF. In the end, the results stated that CF is able to assist in mitigating weight loss.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia – This is a natural fat burner. There is a study conducted by the SupplementWatch way back in 2013 that presented that this attacks fatty tissues. The subjects that underwent this study stated that they felt less stressed, lost weight, and had a more balanced hormone.

Looking at some of these studies greatly builds confidence in the dietary supplement that is Phen 375. These ingredients greatly help when it comes to fat loss. How much more of these are all combined?

What do you get in purchasing this dietary supplement?

When it comes to weight-loss supplement, its effectiveness lies in the quality of its ingredients. Phen 375’s ingredients are all taken from Mother Nature. This ensures the safety of using this product. We will look at the major components of Phen 375 and why it aids in reducing fat. Before buying the product, here are some of the ingredients you should know:

  • Phentemine 375’s first ingredient you should know is 1,3- Dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride. It is considered a natural ingredient and present in nature. However, it is of synthetic origin in Phen 375. It leads to the improved burning of the calories due to its boosting agent that targets our energy levels and increases our thermogenic action in our body.
  • Another ingredient is the 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine, also known as Caffeine, that helps in enhancing the function of cyclic AMP. It increases our energy levels and facilitates in burning fats.
  • The next one is L. Carnitine. Most of us may already be familiar with this because some of the products out in the market, particularly juices, have this mixed in them. It is also found in Phen 375. As you have known, this aids in breaking down fat chains targeting the accumulated fats. Aside from this, the fats are converted into energy and helps in appetite suppression.
  • Capsaicin-1.12, also known as Cayenne or Capsicum, is another ingredient present in the Phen 375. It is also a vital ingredient since it aids in burning calories. This component is known to give chili peppers its spiciness. It increases thermogenesis in our bodies and leads to burning calories.
  • Another natural ingredient that Phen 375 is proud of is the Long Jack Tongkat Ali. This ingredient is used for its ability to prevent our bodies from storing fats from the food we eat. In short, this would mean that the fat gathered when we eat food and its effects are decreased and will lead to weight loss.
  • Chromium Picolinate is also present in Phen 375. This ingredient targets our appetite. By using this product, it helps us reduce food cravings and elevate our mood.
  • Another ingredient of the Phen 375 is Eurycoma Longifolia which is native particularly in Indonesia. It contains fat burning properties and decreases the loss of muscle tissue. This aids in maintaining strength and attacking only the bad cells in our bodies.
  • Sympathomimetic Amine is another addition to the pill. This will help our bodies produce a naturally occurring chemical called nonipinephrine. This chemical helps direct our fat cells for a more beneficial and efficient use all the while giving us a boost on our metabolic rate.

How effective is this dietary supplement?

Based on consumer reviews, testimonials, and the claim of Phen 375’s website, you can lose an average of 3-5 lbs in a week. Further studies were made by the manufacturers themselves and claimed that in a span of 6 weeks, you can lose 25 lbs. A lot of us who are looking for a great way to lose weight effectively can be satisfied with these data.

Aside from this, Phen 375 released a 30-day meal plan as a bonus that you can easily follow once you avail their products. Of course, all of these will be more effective once you couple it with your strong will. You can gain your ideal body without the use of an expensive gym membership or restrictive diet!

The Positives and Negatives of Phen 375

Phen 375 claims to be one of the most effective dietary supplements in the market today. Thousands of users from all over the world gave their reviews about how successful their weight loss journey has become with the help of Phen 375. This claims helped maintain the name of the product and what it stands for.

Here are positive testimonials from actual Phen 375 users that help this dietary supplement life up to its name:

I tried and failed with many other products. I lost 93lbs with Phen 375. My starting weight was 293 lbs and my goals was to get to 200 lbs. I reached my goal is 6 months and have been able to maintain my desired weight through a healthier lifestyle and exercise. Thank you Phen 375!


When I first received the bottles I was very wary and a non-believer. I’ve tried so many other products before and I had no success. When I read about this product being the number one rated product I decided to try it. After I took the first dose “WOW,” it was powerful and effective and I felt my body kick into fat burning mode and I felt much more positive and less depressed. And after continuing for 3 months, with exercise s well, I lost 36kgs. I am proof positive this stuff works. Finally, no more searching. Thanks Phen 375 for adding years onto my life and making it a better qualityRyan.

South Korea

Hi I totally recommend this product, I used other products before but this one is amazing help with really small effort. I just fix my eat plan. Due to healthy problem I don’t exercise yet. So really helped me I don’t even have side effects but attention. I don’t have effect because I stick to their instructions don’t drink caffeine while I’m on the pill. Also helped small my appetite. really melts my fat. I use this product for 3 months and I have lost 22 kg. weight before start phen 375 and I was 124kg now with this pills I am 102kg. – Isabelle, Greece


These are just a few out of the thousands of positive testimonials that you can see in Phen 375’s website. Of course, as this product is not really for everyone, there are also negative reviews that can be seen on the web. Here are some of them:

  • “Like any weight loss supplements, Phen 375 put customer’s health at risk”

Phen 375’s laboratories, where they manufacture all of their products are all FDA accredited. So rest assured that the ingredients they use are safe for consumption. You can be sure that these dietary supplements pose no health risk that can pose alarm as long as you follow the recommended dosage and precaution.

  •  “I am experiencing serious side effects.”

Based from the studies done by the manufacturers of Phen 375, the dietary supplement comes only with minimal side effects like restlessness. These are only responses that your body has to the pills. It is considered acceptable since your body will now have an increased metabolism. If you ever experienced side effects that hindered your day to life, consider going to your physician. Also, like any other dietary supplements, this should be taken with the consideration of your body’s condition. The effects of Phen 375 will be further discussed later.

  • “It is not effective. I have taken it for a week and I haven’t seen any results”

Of course, like any dietary supplement, this still depend on how your body will react and how you will react to it. Losing weight also comes along with having a balanced diet that is healthy and exercise routine. Our bodies are different because of the environment and the food that we eat so we have to take note of this before we use Phen 375.

These are all claims from real people that have used the product. This can really help us learn more about the product.

Are there any risks in taking this kind of dietary supplements?

Some consumers stated a number of side effects after ingesting Phen 375. Some of these are inconsistency in sleep patterns, increased blood pressure, stool inconsistency, light-headedness, and increased cardiac activity. Based on research, Phen 375’s side effects do vary from one person to another. Some of these factors are going to be discussed here:

  •  Your age.

Our bodies develop differently as we age. Keeping this in mind, older people may more likely develop the side effects mentioned above.

  •  Your dosage.

The recommended daily dosage of Phen 375 is only 2 pills a day. This is based on the manufacturer itself. Despite this note, some consumers take more than what is recommended because of their desire to a better and quicker result. Our bodies differ when it comes to tolerance so a higher dosage will likely make you prone to the side effects.

  •  You may have energy bursts from time to time.

Increased energy levels are one of the benefits of taking the Phen 375. However, taking this weight loss pill can also induce sleep disorders.

After further research, the creators of the product stated that Phen 375’s side effects are not hazardous to our health. Consumers from all over the world have purchased and consumed these diet pills. This assures us that this is healthy to consume; because if it was dangerous, it would have been removed from the market. However, they have noted that you should avoid this dietary supplement if you have/are the following:

  •  Cardiovascular diseases
  •  Obesity related issues like fatty livers, hyperthyroidism, and blood pressure
  •  Pregnant and nursing moms

Taking all of these points, you should keep in mind that this dietary supplement is not for everyone. You have to consider your level of tolerance and if possible, consult a physician.

What are the ways to avail Phen 375?

You can grab these pills using Phen 375’s official website. This will ensure you that you only receive the original items you purchased with a trustworthy seller. You may wind up seeing this product on other websites or online shops but it can be tricky to verify if these are legitimate products.

Rest assured that this product is only available in Phen 375’s official website. You won’t see this product in shops like Amazon or GNC. To help you make your first purchase of Phen 375, here are some of the prices that the site offers:

  • For 30 tablets – You can get your hands on Phen 375 for only $65.95. This is a great way to test how your body will react to this product.
  • For 60 tablets- This offer is $131.90. You can opt for this if you want to continue losing and maintaining your weight. One more perk in purchasing this is that you can get 30 tablets more for free!
  • For 120 tablets- You can get your hands on this for $263.80. This is called a super deal. Why? Because if you opt for this, you get another two bottles or 60 tablets for free!

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Aside from these awesome deals, you can get 15% off once you sign up your email on their official website. You can also watch out for exclusive deals and discounts from their website.

Final Thoughts

Phen 375 is a very effective dietary supplement that is designed for suppressing your appetite and losing weight. There are a lot of claims when it comes to its effectiveness. Of course, you have to really take note of your health before embracing this supplement. You have to have discipline when it comes to taking the right dosage, your diet, as well as exercise. The results will shock you once you have adapted a healthier lifestyle together with Phen 375. What are you waiting for? Get that body you have always wanted!

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