Military Diet – The Ultimate Way To Lose Weight in 3 Days

The Military Diet Review

Summary: Want to lose those extra pounds in a healthy way but don’t know where to start? Is achieving that body you always wanted still a lifelong dream? Losing weight has always been a real struggle for a lot of people. Most of us choose to get cheeseburger instead of preparing our own healthier sandwich because it is faster. We use the elevator to get to the next floor instead of the stairs because it is more convenient. With the plethora of delicious food just within our reach and everything accessible with a single click, it really is difficult to stay fit.

There are a lot of dietary supplements that we can purchase but it can be difficult not to expect side effects. This can be a quick fix to weight issues but not only does it have side effects, it also costs you money. Other diet plans require for you to follow long and complicated lists where you also have to measure all of your food. Some of the items in that list can be quite expensive and hard to find too! Going to the gym is another way to lose weight. However, gym memberships can be quite pricey and would take much of your time especially if you are working or a parent. While there are a lot of dietary supplement and diet programs out in the market, what we really want is something that is healthy, quick but inexpensive. Does that even exist? Yes, it does! It comes in the program we call “Military Diet” or the “3-day diet.” So what is this all about? Read along to find out more.

Overview: What is the Military Diet?

The Military Diet is a popular dietary program that has been shared by millions of people. Following this diet plan can make you lose up to 10 pounds in one week. You can lose this amount of weight without strenuous exercise or take dietary supplements. The good news is that you can get this program for free! The food that is prescribed in this diet is combined to make you burn fat in your body, speed up your metabolism, and quickly get your ideal body. The Military diet can be considered as one of the most excellent diets that are natural and quick.

Where did the name originate?

The Military diet has been around for decades. There are a lot of theories when it comes to its name. Some say that this is named because of its affiliation to the diet of soldiers in the Army. While others say that it is named as is because the meal plan is so regimented. Others say that it takes focus and discipline similar to soldiers to stay in this type of diet that’s why it has this name. Regardless of this diet’s name, it is received with a lot of praise because of its effectiveness.

How does it work?

The Military Diet has been around for so long but do we really understand how it works? It is a free diet plan that you can easily find by using internet browsers like Google. This means that you don’t need to subscribe to anything, buy dietary supplements, or watch any videos to undergo this program. It proudly claims that you can lose weight in a quick way by simply following the diet plan. It says that you can lose up to 10 lbs in a span of 1 week! This diet program looks very promising. However, following the strict diet and having a strong willpower is very important for you to get the optimum result. The Military Diet is also called the 3-day diet. It mainly presents a 3-day meal plan then followed by 4 days off this diet.

What is the scientific basis for this program?

To be honest, there are no studies based on the Military diet itself. Despite this, there are a lot of studies about calorie restriction that the Military diet is based upon. As you may have known, an average person is likely to lose a few pounds due to a week of calorie restriction. The fewer calories that enter your fat tissue rather than leave it, you have a bigger chance of losing weight.

The proponents of the diet plan stated that the food combinations in the plan itself will give our bodies more weight loss advantage. This is because the food combinations will greatly increase our metabolism and burn fat. An example of this is the inclusion of coffee and green tea in the diet. These are known compounds that can increase metabolism. Another detail that you will notice is that the overall foods included in the plan don’t really look like a fat-burning diet. However, here are some of the reasons why the Military diet is worth considering:

  • Low-calories

    Fat is just stored calories. When you have unused calories especially when you overeat or don’t exercise, your body turns them into fat. To lose these extras, you have to eat less or work out to make an energy deficit. Your body will now take your energy shortfall from that stored fat. The Military diet is designed to have low-calories so that your body will turn to your stored fat for energy.
  • It is intermittent fasting

    What is intermittent fasting? It is an effective way to lose weight that involves periods of not eating to eating fairly normally. Periods of fasting makes your insulin sensitivity increase so when you ingest food afterward, the nutrients are directed in your muscle and liver cells. This will turn it away from your fat cells.

Apart from this, fasting lowers the levels of IGF-1 (i.e., Insulin-like Growth Factor). Reducing this is closely related to higher tendency to burn fat, reduce the risk of having type-1 diabetes, and promote muscle repair. Despite the Military diet not being a fast since you don’t really stop eating, a diet that lets you consume anything lower than 1000 calories can be classified as a fat.

Maximizes your metabolism

Your metabolic rate is the number of calories you burn in a day. The higher the metabolic rate, the higher chance you’ll have in burning fat in your body. A lot of food in the Military diet is chosen for this purpose. Here are some of the examples:

  • High protein foods – these have a high thermal effect. It means that eating and as well as digesting them uses up a lot of calories in your body.
  • High fiber foods – examples of these are apples, green beans, and broccoli. They are not only healthy but filling too! They have low-calorie levels and boost your metabolism.
  • High in calcium foods – examples of these are ice cream and cottage cheese. These are greatly linked to the quicker burning of fat since calcium attaches to it. Consuming these will help the fat itself to simply pass through your digestive system rather than digest it.

What do you get in the program?

The Military plan’s most promising feature is its simplicity. It doesn’t require you to purchase or prepare complicated food, or even count its calories. You can actually start this diet plan using the ones already in your homes. The food in this plan has low-calories and allows you to maintain a mix of protein, dietary fat, and carbohydrates. It has everything you will need to get slimmer despite it looking so simple. If you will notice, the menu doesn’t require much cooking.

The meals are clearly presented which makes this diet straightforward and easy to follow. There are food substitute, especially for the protein or dairy elements in the diet, which you can research if ever you are vegan or vegetarian. Here is the meal plan for the Military diet:

The 3-day Military Diet Days 1 – 3

You will follow a set of low-calorie meals, covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks are not allowed in between meals. You must not exceed 1,400 calories per day.

The 3-day Military Diet Days 4 – 7

You can gradually add calories to your meals, as well as have snacks in between. But this would depend on how much weight you are trying to lose.

Now that we know the core of the Military diet, we have to track down our diet. Apart from this, it is advisable to drink a lot of water to be able to flush out toxins, enhance fat loss, and feel fuller for long periods of time. Sodas and artificially-flavored drinks are not allowed. These can interfere with the fat loss even if it is considered low in calories.

What are the possible food substitutions?

One of the good things about the Military diet is that despite it being strict, you can personalize it based on your food preferences. As I have mentioned above, there are food selections in the Military diet that contain protein or dairy elements. This may not be a good choice for vegans or vegetarians. The tuna, meat, and eggs can be simply replaced with any of the following: Nuts, Cottage cheese, Quorn, Soya or tofu, and lentils.

Apart from these, not everyone likes the selection of food in the menu. To help you with the choices, here are some more substitutions you can make:

  • If you are not very fond of eating grapefruit, you can place half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This will have the same benefits of burning fat.
  • If you don’t like consuming tuna, you can replace it with any other fish. However, if you don’t like fish in general, you can get lean protein for it.

These are only some of the substitutions you can do. But the main point of this diet is to make sure that anything you substitute is equivalent to a number of calories and/or protein that you are replacing it within the menu. An example of this is if you are replacing broccoli from the menu. A cup of broccoli contains 31 calories. This should be replaced with another vegetable that contain similar amount. Another important point is that these replacements should be derived from similar food groups (i.e., vegetable is to vegetable; fruit is to fruit). Following this condition will ensure that you get the intended balance from the plan.

Will it work for you?

The Military diet is very popular and has a lot of positive reviews that we can read over the internet or on its website. There are even before and after pictures to testify to that. However, there is still a part of us that wonders if it is really that effective and if it is for everyone. We still have to keep in mind that we can gather all the diet plans in the world but it still depends on our body’s response. Here are some of the points that you should know before starting this diet plan:

· You should have enough motivation and willpower to follow the diet plan. The good news is, you only have to be very strict for 3 days! In any diet, you have to stay focused on your goal. This is a change in lifestyle and change can be scary. But for you to get the body that you want, you have to work hard for it.

· The Military diet is perfect for people who have less time to shop for their own food or don’t have the inclination to prepare for one. The diet’s menu is pretty easy to prepare and easy to find.

· This diet’s menu is not only easy to buy in your nearest grocery store but is also affordable. This is perfect for people who are on a budget but still want to lose weight.

· Another thing to keep in mind is that this diet is not complicated compared to other diets. It simply gives you a planned meal from breakfast to dinner that you will follow for only 3 days. It doesn’t set any other choices and is straight to the point. It makes dietary compliance very simple. It won’t take much of your time into thinking up food choices and recipes.

This diet still depends on the response of your body to it. It can take months or years to get the result you want depending on your weight and how much you want to lose. It really is up to you if you want to adopt this as a lifestyle. Of course, no diet is effective if you don’t match it up with a bit of exercise. There are simple exercise routines that you can do for 7 minutes that are very effective. You can match this and the Military diet to get that maximum effect.

How to get the most out of this diet?

There is additional information that you should take note of. This will ensure you that you will only get the best of this experience. Here are the do’s and don’ts for the Military diet:


  • Follow the plan. It is not necessary to modify it since the menu is crafted that way for a reason. Of course, with the exception of food substitutions discussed, the diet is pretty simple to follow.
  • Brace yourself and your willpower. In the duration of 3 days, you will get hungry. It may sound easy but the temptation is everywhere so you have to tough it out.
  • Adopt a sensible diet. After a span of 3 days and you feel that you are already losing weight, it shouldn’t stop there. A 1500 calorie per day is still required for you to have in the next 4 days. The Military diet can be your stepping stone to a better nutrition.


  • Snack. The Military diet doesn’t allow for snacks. You have to abide by the 3 meals per day to get the result you want. If you add snacks during that 3-day period, you will only add calories and slow down your progress.
  • Forget to add 100 calories as an additional especially if you are a man. Women and men have different bodily functions. This means that men need more calories compared to women.
  • Overeat on your days off. As mentioned, this diet entails you to have a strong willpower. Eating more than what is expected in the 4 days that you are not on the meal plan will make the calories that you lost return.

Are there any risks in following this kind of diet?

The Military diet is practical and safe for any average person to undergo to. It is only done in a short period of time so there is no lasting harm. However, if you strictly follow this diet plan for a month or so, you’ll be at risk for nutrient deficiency. Why? Because the food combinations in this diet plan have a strict limit when it comes to calories. This is true especially if you are not really a fan of vegetables or other healthy foods on days off. Apart from this, the selection of hot dogs, crackers, and ice cream being consumed every week can potentially cause issues in metabolism. As you may have known, these are still considered as junk food and shouldn’t be a regular part of your diet.

When it comes to sustainability, this diet plan is very easy to follow. It doesn’t really require you to have long-term changes in your habits. It simply asks a short amount of time and willpower in that same duration. This diet won’t assure you that you will be able to maintain the loss of weight for a long period of time since it doesn’t help you completely change habits.

The Positives and Negatives of the Military Diet


  • It is free for everyone to do
  • The menu is pretty easy to find in grocery stores
  • It is easy to prepare
  • The diet plan is mainly done for 3 days
  • The diet itself is quick and easy


  • Prolonged Military diet may cause you to have nutrient deficiency
  • Placing junk food in your diet for a long time, especially if you are going to do this for a month or so, can affect your metabolism.
  • Weight loss may only last for a short time depending on your food intake afterward
  • It doesn’t completely change your habits to a healthier one

What are the ways to avail this program?

The great thing about this diet program is that it is free. All you have to do is browse the internet and take note of the 3-day meal plan and be a lot more disciplined. The meals that you have to prepare are easy to find in grocery stores near you so it won’t be a huge hassle.

Final Thoughts

The Military diet is the way to go if you want to lose weight quickly but in a healthier way. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t have to take any dietary supplements for this to be effective. All you have to do is follow a certain routine in a short period of time. It is your prerogative if you opt to continue this diet plan or adopt the concept of counting your calorie intake. With the right kind of attitude and willpower, you’ll be able to achieve your ideal weight in no time!


The Military Diet website includes some FAQs that are very insightful. To save you the time, here are some of the things you might want to know about the program:

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