Herbalife Shake Recipes – Complete List of Shakes To Lose Weight and Be Fit

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Looking for relevant solutions for your weight loss issues? Well, wait no more. There is a very simple and tasty way out for the same. Did I just say- Tasty? Yes, I certainly did. That too for weight loss? Oh yeah!

If you’re already done with the gyms, medications, hard and fast dieting and realized that none has helped substantially for your weight loss solution, then here is a permanently guaranteed shot that you must give to get that shape you had always dreamt of.

Herbalife Shakes have been here for decades now and serving peoples’ needs for the betterment of the body. With a combination of 21 essential minerals & vitamins, Herbalife offers you various tasty shakes in different flavours which aids in losing your fat.

These shakes are full of nutritional value with proteins, fibre and other nutrients that add up in boosting the metabolism of the body. All you got to do is take a tablespoon or these shake mix and add to water / low-fat milk and you’re done.

For more, you may add, ice and fruit juices as well to add on to the tastes. Having these shakes once works as a meal replacement for you. Not only they replace your meals but also satisfy your appetite with essential nutritional value in the body. The fact that they come in different variant flavours makes them suitable for anyone as per their individual tastes.

More about Herbalife

Started off in the year 1980, Herbalife has emerged as one of the best brands today in the lifestyle sector. The brand has offered a number of nutritional products to offer a healthier way of living. With an adequate blend of fibres, proteins and other important nutrients, these shakes work as an encouraging factor for effective weight loss.

The products from Herbalife Company are well suitable for men, women and children of all ages. They are designed in such a way that they offer no side-effects. It is just not restricted to the nutritional products but has also covered the skin care sector as well.

Maintain Weight with Herbalife

The Herbalife shakes by Herbalife maintain the body weight by a regular and continuous intake. Following one shake at the time of breakfast or lunch can do wonders for you. These shakes are meant for skipping a meal and replacing the same by one of these shakes. You do not restrict yourself in eating habits. Herbalife encourages a healthy way of living with healthy eating habits.

If you drink two shakes a day as meal replacements, then that can work wonders for your weight loss program. As stated earlier, these work as great meal replacements and boost up the energy factor in you. All the key ingredients have specific roles to play. For instance, the fibre in the shakes helps in the better digestion process and relieves the body from toxins. Wight loss via Herbalife shakes is probably the tastiest way out.

Weight Management in Brief

Most people connect effective weight management with the count of calorie intake. They control themselves by restraining by what they were eating. But often, despite the best of efforts, the weighing scale doesn’t move really. The reason could either be not able to count the calories in the right way or not able to follow the prescribed diet in the right size.

With options like Herbalife Shakes and recipes, they are simply offering you the meal replacements making sure that you get what you must! They are designed in such a way that they offer great nutritional value along with a restricted number of calories. With the busy lifestyle trend, we’re in, it stays a win-win for us.

The Top 3 Herbalife Shakes for Effective Weight Loss

Here are a few shakes recipes from Herbalife that you can try at home in order to experience a smooth weight loss. Look out for the procedures of the same.

1. Strawberry & Kiwi Shake

So here’s a shake that is going to be a great amalgamation of taste and gives enough to satisfy your appetite. With a great quotient of proteins and fibre percentage in the shake, the Strawberry & Kiwi shake is one of the best options to go for.

Here is a quick glance at the ingredients for the same. You’d need the following-

• Two scoops of F1 Vanilla with Two scoops of any protein powder along with frozen strawberries, ripped kiwi, 8 Tea Spoons of lemon juice with soy milk & ice Cubes.

• Directions: With the help of a blender, pour all the given ingredients in a blender jar and start blending. See that the ice cubes are crushed by the end of it to mix with the flavour.

2. Strawberry Parfait Shake

For all the strawberry lovers, this shake can work great. With an amazing taste, it offers great nutritional value to the consumers as well. Let’s take a quick look at its ingredients.

• 3 Table Spoon of Protein Powder along with 2 F1 Vanilla Shake Scoops, 1 cup full of strawberries,6 ounces of Strawberry fat-free yoghurt with 6 Ice cubes, if need be.

• Direction: Use a cup of soya milk and add some protein in it. Put rest of the ingredients in the same and mix to the finest details and your shake is ready.

3. Chocolate Strawberry Shake

As yummy as it may sound, it also helps up in improvising your immune system. The addition of strawberries gives it a Vitamin C Nutritional value. Here is a quick look at the ingredients used in this one-

• Take two scoops of F1 Formula Chocolate powder along with two tablespoons of the Protein Powder. You have to use some non-fat milk here with frozen strawberries. Use a few drops of Vanilla extract as well.

• Directions: See that you use the given quantity of soy milk here and blend it with all the other ingredients just fine. Make sure to add the Powder before all the ingredients. Mix well till the end and its ready to serve!

Diet Schedule

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Morning: With each morning, a Herbalife user must take an herbal tea. This one could be hot or cold, howsoever it may suit the user. The schedule is such that all essential nutrients reach you at a time in the adequate amount. With this herbal tea, you’ll attain the energy to work. This comes very easy to prepare. Simply add the half tablespoon of Herbal Mix to the hot or cold water, as preferred. You may not believe it but just doing so can land your body 80 calories so as to manage and fulfil the apt calorie requirement. So, begin your mornings with a nice Herbal Mix tea and your day will be shining energetic.

Breakfast: So, that was what you’re supposed to just after waking up. Here’s us down to the breakfast part. This becomes the first meal of the day and it is important that you maintain proper balance from here itself. Often people advise each other to skip the breakfasts but we wouldn’t advise you to do that. Breakfast is a very important meal and must be taken. Yes, you must take care of the intake but shouldn’t be skipped. Either you can have a light breakfast or can add the Herbalife Formula 1 Shake with Soy milk. Two spoons of Herbalife Formula 1 Shake would work just fine.

Snacks: Snacks can be taken around 10 am or so. You can take a fruit at this point. Also, some protein intake won’t harm in this case.

Lunch: The ideal time in this schedule for lunch would be around 1 pm. Yes, you got to eat something in every couple of hours. You can take a cup of any instant Herbal beverage at this point saving yourself from regular food. Two spoons of the instant herbal beverage will work just fine with Soy Milk. You can the same to be taken 3 times in a day to boost your metabolism & healthy weight reduction.

Afternoon: This should be around 3 – 4 pm when you gain have to take something. At this time, you can again go for the Herbal Beverage Formula. Again, as per your own preference, you can go for hot or cold water with it. See that you take it before 4 pm t maintain the continuity in the given schedule.

Dinner: Straight to dinner, one must go for veggies. Vegetables are always helpful in maintaining your body weight and adding nutritional value to your body. Veggies can be taken in any form. May it be cooked, grilled or boiled! Even steamed vegetables are getting preferences these days. The fact being, this way the nutritional aspect of the vegetable stays intact.

Other than this, you must make sure that salads are incorporated just fine. If possible, go for 200gm chicken breast. Each 200gm of it contains around 25gm of protein. Stuff like Tuna Salad and eggs can be incorporated into this diet. You can add an omelette made of 3 egg whites along with yellow and that’ll suffice your dinner requirements just fine.

Here are few tips that can be helpful for you. Please have a thorough look-

· You got to avoid sugar in every form.

· Herbalife shake works as an effective meal replacement. So, you should not miss any of it.

· Initially, you’ll have this tendency to overeat. Try to resist that and do not overeat.

· At least 2-3 litres of milk is to be consumed each day effectively.

· Chicken skin is never to be taken. That’s not taken into the healthy food.

· Try skipping breakfast and replace it with Formula 1 Shake instead.

· Some basic exercises are advised.

Are Herbalife Products Safe?

There are always going to be speculations about the products when it comes to products that deal with weight loss. People rather prefer to pay a visit to a doctor and get medicines even when one knows that they are prone to side-effects in such cases. People try out everything for weight loss but most don’t work out that well. This being the reason, most of us end up being sceptical about such products. This is one of the major reasons for depression in most people suffering from obesity.

We’ve met a lot of people who feel the same about certain Herbalife products, probably because it is difficult for people to accept that there are such a tasty and easy way out available that can lead to effective weight loss.

Be assured that it is coming from a brand which has held its presence from 1980, they have come a long way since then. They have been running this business for there decades with thousands of positive reviews by their side.

The company has been endorsing a 100% natural and herbal products and ensure us that no chemicals are involved in the processing, whatsoever.

Brief about Products: Herbalife comes from a wide range of products and the most popular of their products is their Herbalife Shakes Recipes. There are a number of products available in the market which claim weight loss but with the kind of side effects they offer, they can be pretty dangerous for one to use. The chemically produced ingredients can be harmful in more ways than what one may think.

Whereas Herbalife shakes happen to be a perfect blend of natural, herbal and fruitful ingredients which assure adequate nutritional value to the consumers making it an ideal choice for them.

It is more than a 62 Million people who are using the Herbalife products all over the world which work just fine for testimony.

Ingredients in Focus: Herbalife’s Weight Management products have been there forever all being hailing from a natural way out. It constitutes components like parsley, dried cinnamon, green tea extracts, liquorice, fennel, celery etc. Since each of the ingredients used is 100% natural, one doesn’t really have to bother about its safety concern.

Ingredients like Green tea helps in burin fat like no other. This instant tea comes with a lot of flavours which enhance your energy and helps in maintaining the metabolism balance. The Herbalife Shake F1 also contains more of such natural elements in it so as to make it all the way more reliable to use. You do not have to worry about your taste buds s flavours of lemon, raspberry, peach etc. are going to fill in for the same.

Another aspect of the Herbalife Shakes to be safe is their offering of the Money Back or refund guarantee. Yes, these shakes come with a refund policy that is covered for the initial 30 days. So, if one feels that the product they have bought is not up to their expectations or they are, in any manner not satisfy with it, they can ask for a refund. This being an assured service, you won’t have any issues. So, that adds on a reason again to try these Herbalife shakes. I guess, now there no reasons for not to!


1. So, I have always been this obese kid and desperately wanted to lose weight. Tried considering medications, physicians, gyms ad what not. I was literally doing what one could advice m to do. It was that bad. A friend of mine asked me to try these a couple of months back and frankly speaking, I wasn’t interested. It didn’t seem like a way through. But then she assured and told me that she lost quite a lot just with the help of Herbalife Shakes and that was something I found worth trying it for. Following the diet wasn’t really tough. I was taking everything healthy and assured that it’ll have no side effects whatsoever and well, to my wonder, it worked all the way great. 15 pounds in less than 2 months. Now, that was a record score for me. It changed my life for better. A much recommended

Sia Jones

2. I’ve had some real expensive failures when it comes to weight loss and with the kind of efforts put in, there aren’t really any satisfying results in me. All I had understood was stay hungry, control the appetite and then there would be some hope for you but with the human tendency that we have, it gets way more difficult to follow especially when you have tempting dishes around. I was recommended Herbalife Shakes by a friend. Tried them and loved it. It tasted wonderful and on top of all, I actually lost substantial weight that I wasn’t even expecting to be dropped. Loved the Mango flavour. Try it, it’s awesome!

Ryan Pitman

3. I must say, these shakes really make difference. Tried the course for 2 months and lost weight. Tried a few flavours and loved them all. Frankly, it doesn’t even feel like you’re trying to lose weight. Your meals are being replaced fine. You don’t feel the temptations and hunger. You lose weight and life doesn’t get affected to all, like in other alternates, it does. Surely recommended!

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4. Herbalife- I’ll rather call it a shortcut which comes with effective results when it comes to weight loss. The shakes have vitamins and proteins, basically, optimum nutritional value providing the perfect balance to the body. It was pretty natural and healthy. I lost weight as expected.

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5. Been 2 years and I’ve been using this product. Its working is smooth. Choosing Herbalife was a life-changing decision. After getting married, you stop giving importance to your weight in comparison. As women, we get a lot on our heads then. But Herbalife made sure that I stay healthy throughout with perfect shape. It worked great. Recommended!!


Well, if you ask our recommendation, we’d say you must go for these Herbalife Shakes. They work like Magic!!