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Acne No More Review

Acne no more review


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Acne no more review: Why Is Acne No More The most effective acne treatment Alternative Book In Internet History, With Hundreds of Completely satisfied (And also Currently Acne Free) Users In 131 Countries Worldwide?


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All of us have turned pretty conscious about our looks lately. A fresh skin has become somewhat like a necessity these days. You got to own a great skin in order to gain that desirability factor in you. A spot free skin not only adds on to the desirability but also boosts one’s self-confidence. You feel confident when you know there is nothing to get distracted about. Issues in skin often add on distracting us from important things and can potentially damage down our self-confidence. Yes, one’s looks and skin must not be any basis for judgements but the times we are in now, every bit of it matters. No wonder anybody would gladly want a clear skin face in exchange for anything.

So, we were researching through the internet for the persistent skin issues’ solution. Well, our research went down with Acne, an awful skin disease thousands of people are suffering from. We had met a number of Acne sufferers who had tried everything but still, not getting the results. Hence, we went with our research to check if there are any relevant and result-driven solutions online which may get rid of Acne completely.

During the research, there was this one result we were stumbling on repeatedly as many were calling it the best way to get rid of Acne. The solution is named – Acne No More. Yes, Acne No More is available in the form of an E-book where you’ll get all the things to be done in order to have an acne free skin. We read more about it and referred it to a friend who had similar Acne issues from years. Well, what happened, then? To know, let’s read further in our best acne no more review.

Acne – Let’s know all about it!

Popularly known as Acne Vulgaris, Acne is a skin disease that has its impact all over the Western globe. It basically happens when your hair follicles get in touch with the dead skin cells. You’d notice that the affected areas mostly include the neck, chest, shoulders, back, face etc. These marks are visible in various forms such as pimples, scars, whiteheads, blackheads etc.

Acne can occur due to any possible cause. There are no particular reasons involved. This can happen due to genetic issues, hormonal issues, due to certain infections or may happen due to psychological issues as well. As per the researchers, a major section i.e. as much as 80% times, it is due to the genetic problems that Acne occur.

Though people from all groups can be found suffering from Acne but generally, teenagers are the major victims of this disease. It is basically due to the hormonal changes they go through at that point in time. With an increase of hormones like Testosterones, puberty gets more likely to hit on diseases like Acne. In the Western Globe, it is expected that 80% of teenagers have acne which makes it the 8th most common disease in the world. From a rough estimate, it is said that around 650 million people across the globe are suffering from Acne.

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Acne No More – What is it?

If you know of anyone suffering from a skin disease, you must have an idea about the kind of issues one has to go through while dealing with it. Acne No More comes as a solution with a holistic approach to skin diseases like Acne and provides permanent results for the same. The methodology here is way different than used in other conventional methods.

It provides a way out that works internally in your body and cleanses the hormonal system from within. By this, it helps one in the removal of pathogens due to which the issue occurs. Acne leads to pores’ formation on one’s skin and get things done inside and out. The program offers a very efficient Diet schedule which if followed correctly works wonders for the victims.

Available in the form of an e-book, it is called a step-by-step procedure that tells you the in-depth process of Acne removal. The e-book being rich in photographs, pictures and illustrations becomes all the way easier and convenient for the users to understand the procedures & techniques of the program.

The author doesn’t exactly focus on the bacteria removal but believes that it lies in the crux of the method you choose for the same. Certain methods can have its side effects on the skin as well.

The program offers certain lifestyle choices which must opt for so as to reduce the impact of Acne to the least.

One may question the authenticity and the effectiveness of the program but with the kind of reviews and experiences compiled as per what we have seen, Acne No More has worked wonders for people. Here are the five basic principles of the program that it works on-

1. Cleansing and Flushing: The first step is called Cleansing & Flushing. Since it is a Skin disease, it impacts within the deepest layers of skin. Your skin goes through serum production, blocked pores, bacteria formation and acne acts on them. With the program’s solution of active flushing under the skin, it cleans the skins deeply and works out with balance.

2. Nutrition, Supplement & Candida Eradication Planning: Diet plays a very important role in cleaning up your body from within. It is very important that you stay determined throughout and fill it with the right value of nutrients. This can further help up in the eradication of toxins to provide you with a clear acne free skin.

3. Detoxification Diet: As explained in the earlier point here, Diet plays a keen role when it comes to a disease like these. This is what forms the third stage of the process. This step explains the nutritional diet that one must take. Everything has been prescribed in the book just fine. Healthy diet lets you getting rid of the harmful toxins in the body. It, in turn, results in hormone production stability in one’s body.

4. Stress Control with Proper Sleep: One is supposed to have a proper sleep optimization in order to make sure that your body gets relaxation enough as per the requirements. Factors like tension, stress and not having enough sleep gets out body habits disoriented a bit. You need to take optimum sleep & minimal stress when you’re putting in so much effort on your own.

5. Skin Care Plan: With Acne No More, our body heals itself from inside out. This marks the Stage 5 of the whole process. You’re provided with a Skin Care plan in the program. Once you start following the same, it comes with a reassurance that everything will fall into place and you’ll have the radiant fresh skin as always wanted!


Diseases like Acne have its impacts for a lifetime. They aren’t just physical but leave substantial impact emotionally as well. The Blackheads, pimples; even if they go, they tend to leave scars behind. Chances are, you’ll have the spots left reminding you of the disease for a very long time. Since I personally know of many people who are suffering from Acne, I have an idea of the impact it leaves behind.

It is just not about the physical spots that are visible but more about the psychological issues that one has to go through. Teenage age plays a very important role in one’s life such things leaves a mark on them. Skin issues can be more hazardous than one may think. Not just the skin, it lowers down the self-confidence of a person. Children get bullied and everything turns up even worse. It has been reported that the people suffering from Acne or most skin diseases avoid eye contacts with peers.

Mike Walden – The Man behind the Program

Yes, the well-known Nutritionist expert & medical researcher, Mike Walden happens to be the man responsible for the program – Acne No More.

acne no more author mike walden

Acne No More, as we have learnt is a sure shot solution to all the issues related to Acne. This program has reached all heights and has managed to provide a better off solution to the victims of this disease. It was in the year 2005 when Mike came up with this e-book and surprised everyone. Although it has been years that the program has been launched, it is still making a decent buzz even now. All of it because of the effectiveness. Walden surely empathizes with the issues of an Acne sufferer as he himself was one at a point of time. This is based on his own experience and journey. He had this disease and had suffered from the same for years. It was due to the same that he has grown expertise in this subject. Like most other teenagers, he suffering from Acne when he was 14.

He started off with studying the solutions for the same since all the claimed solutions to the disease are short term. He wanted to come up with a holistic approach to the issue and thus came the program – Acne No More in the picture.

The highlighted part of this program is that it work internally to cleanse the causes from within. This is no conventional methods.

More about Acne No More

The program doesn’t happen to be among the ones which promise instant result. It requires patience and perseverance. Here are the three major points that form the pillar of the Cane No More Program. Have a read-

1. Strictness with Diet

You have to be very strict with yourself and have to follow a disciplined diet. You can be asked to give up your favorite food and eat something that you wouldn’t want to. The program advices you about a diet which is to be followed with perfection in order to achieve the results.

2. Getting Supplements

Once you begin your ride with the book, you’ll be asked to get some extra supplements in order to follow the program. These supplements become indispensable for getting the results more effectively. Hence, you have to make sure that you take the supplements in the way asked. Also, there are no worries when it comes to these supplements as they are natural.

3. Patience

Yes, as mentioned earlier, you must have tons of patience with you when you’re following a program like Acne No More. Once you start with the treatment, do not expect it to give any results instantly. If you feel after a few dayss, you’ll have clear skin then it is better to know that it won’t happen that soon. As per the author, the techniques work internally. It helps you cleansing your body and that is a long process. While the effects of the program are promised but one has to keep the patience intact.


• The fact that the program is completely natural paves a way out for everyone to use it as it has no side effects. Any Acne victim can take the program and if followed correctly, they’ll get an Acne free skin by natural processes.

• Acne No More happens to be a Holistic approach where no medications are suggested. The programs beat the Acne in and out. You do not have to take any lotions, gels etc. which can possibly ruin the skin for worse. Everything is guided well in the e-book and if one follows it strictly, the results are well as expected.

• The program is based on thorough research. It was after deep research and analysis that the program came into being. The author who was a victim of Acne himself at one point of time has gone through the suffering himself and understands all the symptoms and effects deeply.

• The say that the improvements are visible in as much as 7 days and this will add on to your confidence. Though it will take some time to get rid of the problem completely yet, the initial results help up a lot in regaining that spark of confidence.


As far as the negatives of the program are considered, I believe I could only find one turn off factor for the product i.e. the program is available in the form of an e-book and can create a bit of inconvenience for others to understand. One would need tablets / Mobile / Computer so as to get access to the same.

As per a few responses we have received for the negative points of the program, we were told that the 220-page ebook has bit long descriptions for everything given which can be a little point that can be listed as a disadvantage for the given program.

User Reviews

So we had a word with a few people who had actually tried this product when suffering from Acne. We decided to add their acne no more reviews here so that it helps up a bit more to understand the program. Have a look-

1. Walden’s treatment has been magical for me. I’d almost lost hopes for anything can improvise over my skin but then, Acne No More did it. I was amazed to see the result. Had tried on 3 more product before Walden’s program but none worked. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t even expecting this one to work due to the past experience but having acne is horrible hence tried on. I am so glad that I did! Certainly recommended! 

Mellisa Rounds

2. I am 19 & had acne from last 4 years. High school was full of bullies. Having such a skin issue at this age lowers down your confidence and changes your perspective about things. I know this because I’ve been there. In fact, there was a time, when all I wanted was to stay aloof. My mum suggested going for acne No More. Frankly, I was sceptical but then I needed something to get out of the zone I was in, this program worked greatly and my skin looks as fresh as it can. It sure took time but every bit was worth. Finally, have my life back on track.

Shonda West

3. A few weeks invested and Acne is gone. It was as unbelievable as it can be. I remember a friend’s reaction when she saw me after the transformation. She went out for 2 months and had no idea about this program. I loved it. Overwhelmed, in fact. Much recommended!

Marisha Evans

4. This program worked wonders for me. The old pictures remind me of the great transformation that I have got. Acne No More is the best out of all I had tried. Anyone suffering from any kind of skin issues must check this product. Highly thankful to the author.

Michal Morozin

Final Thoughts

Well, all of it ended well and my friend now has an Acne Free skin. She is glowing like never before. Acne No More works miraculously, I can testify myself.

We got to admit that we were skeptical when we started with the research for the skin cure solutions but as we went down with the search, Acne No More seemed the best possible solution present online. Of course, we came across a number of scam products as well but this one was all the way more believable on the basis of real customer reviews.

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The program being a 100% natural and holistic in its approach is the best thing about it. You are well assured that everything would result up fine with no side-effects at all once you start following the program seriously.

I feel, if you’re searching for any product that helps you getting rid of acne, Acne No More is the one stop solution for you.