3 Week Diet Review – Does It Really Help to Reduce Weight in 3 Weeks ?

The 3 Week Diet Review


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3 Week Diet Review: Have you been thinking of weight loss lately? Maybe those extra pounds are a hindrance to the personality and hence, taking over a lot of things. If your answer is yes then I can totally empathize with you. Something similar was the case with me once. While I was facing the similar situation, I ended up researching online for viable solutions.


While I agree most online programs are thought of as scams, I took my chances and went ahead with the search. Stumbled upon this product called 3 Week Diet. While again being the sceptical person that I am, I didn’t believe it in the first go but after a thorough research, analysis and having met people who tried it, I decided to take my chances and bought the 3 Week Diet Program. It was also quite a safe decision given they offer a 100% refund back. I mean, yeah, that accounts for its credibility enough.

Truly saying, the popularity of the 3 Week Diet System isn’t a result of any marketing hype. It really does work the way as expected.

I decided to provide a review on this program to give you the real insight of what is it all about by my own experience. Read on to know all about it!

The 3 Week Diet System


The program – 3 Week diet plan, as the name suggests is a diet plan that lets a person shed off substantial weight in a time span of 3 weeks. They call it a quicker yet a healthier way of making you lose the extra pounds. You get access to the program in the form of an ebook. Also, it is easy to follow as the Instruction manual comes along to guide you at every step there. They claim the miraculous 21-day effect which helps you losing up to 23 pounds. Yes, that is quite a lot. They bring about a change in your eating habits and add up a few physical exercises. If you’re opting up for this program, you got to be strict with yourself. Their specific diet would restrict the unnecessary carbohydrate intake in your body and add on to protein consumptions. A number of people have testified for the program’s reliability as well. The 3 Week Diet Plan is on a rise for sure.

Brian Flatt – The Man behind the 3-Week Diet Plan

A nutritionist specialist, health coach & personal trainer – Brian Flatt has used his expertise in the 3 Week Diet plan. He says that it was after the years of research that he could come up with the plan of this specific diet system.

The author is an expert in his field. A degree holder in the field of Biology from San Diego State University, Brian has been in this field for years. Also, he owns a gym in California. They say it took him a long struggle of over 12 years which eventually led to the program. The author says this is the cumulative result of his efforts over the years and it was then that reached the comprehensive program. He claims this is the best Diet plan known by far. Everything in the program has been specified with detailing.

What do you get in the program?

The 3 Week Diet Plan comes with a specific schedule and diet plan that helps you lose weight within a time span of 21 days. It is a 100% natural way out to reduce the extra fat that you have been carrying around for years. People have testified for this program claiming this to be among the fastest way outs for losing weight. One can lose from 12 to 23 pounds within the given 3 weeks.

The 3 Week Diet package comes with quite a list of things. The first is the introductory handbook that gives you the basic idea behind how your body stores and burns fat and how the whole process works on a science-based technique. Improving your metabolism, increasing energy and staying motivated are the elemental components of this program.

The diet manual will give you a good idea on what you should eat and what you should simply avoid. These are the foods that inhibit the fat burning in your body and further stock them up in your body. The manual will help you form a personalised diet plan based on your situation and how much weight you want to lose.

The package also includes a workout guide that should help you maximise the results of this diet and also comes with a right mindset and motivation manual that keeps you encouraged and provides you with ample confidence and emotional support during this process.

The main differentiating factor about this process is that it gives an in-depth understanding of how you can separate your fat content from your muscle mass and burn fat effectively. You can achieve a customised weight loss strategy that is made personally for their body type and will work fast and effectively with results that will last a lifetime.

Why 3 Week Diet

The 3-week diet is not only extremely useful when it comes to weight loss techniques, but it also teaches other beneficial methods for our daily lifestyle. Users who follow the advice of the 3-week diet get many important weight loss tricks and they learn how to manage their weight after the program gets over. Users learn new techniques that are needed to drop weight in a quick span of time and do not let the users stray away from a healthy diet.

A significant drawback of a common diet plan is that the weight loss occurs very slowly. The 3-week diet is not exactly the same. Users who follow this diet have experienced that weight loss takes place very quickly. In fact, most users lose 3/4 - 1 pound of fat each day. The users who have also subscribed to the 3-week workout program along with it have nearly doubled their chances of losing their body fat.

A recent study has proved that most overweight people carry at least 10-20 pounds of extra fat in their body. Studies have also proved that most diet plans available in the market today do not work with that efficiency. Many of these diet plans do not provide the desired results since they are old-fashioned and follow slow methods of reducing body weight. Whereas, the 3-week diet makes a user achieve in just 3 weeks what other diet plans could make them do in 4-5 months. The 3-week diet is a unique fat-loss program that utilises an extremely quick approach to making a person lose at least 10-20 pounds of fat.

I know that a diet program, in order to be effective must be a quick-action plan. According to me, a slow-paced diet program is of no use and the dieter should only try those diet plans that can provide speedy results to the users. Quick-action diet plans such as the 3-week diet, not only provide fast paced results as to the weight loss but also gives them a whole new look and thus improves their psychological well-being. In fact, the 3-week diet works so fast that the users would start seeing positive results after just 2 days of following it.

As testified by many, users may even witness nearly 7 pounds of body fat stripped off after just the first week alone. I guarantee you that the 3-week diet is an amazing new diet program that would work for everyone who follows it sincerely. You would feel lighter than before and give a much better physical appearance after just a week.

Contents of the e-book

You get this program in the form of a 95-page e-book. For the readers’ convenience, it is further divided into 4 parts. With easy to follow instructions, everything is given pretty much directly where without any expert guidance, you’ll be able to follow it up just fine. As you start with the procedure and start losing out on weight, gradually the enthusiasm levels will add up too.

The 3 Week Diet System

· Introduction Manual: The initial pages of this manual comes with the general information to provide a brief insight of weight loss and its related factors. Takes around 43 pages, this not only gives you knowledge about the obesity factors but also talks about the science behind the program.

· Diet Manual: The 3 Week Diet program offers an individual Diet Manual. The guidelines here are classified into 4 phases. The detailed knowledge about the fruits, vegetables and other natural food intake is to be specified in here. The ways for maintaining the optimum fat levels are provided in this section. This is concluded in 22 pages.

· Workout Manual: The 17 paged workout manual tells you about the input of exercises in it. It briefs about the regular exercises to be carried out, the daily walks and a few fat reducing fats. These exercises include bent over rows, goblet squats etc. Also, the time duration for all is provided to avoid confusions in anything.

· It is very important that you believe in what do. For the same purpose, the last section contributes. The last pages in the e-book help up in coping up with the psychological issues and offers certain inspiration tips. Also, it helps up in creating a better mindset about fat loss.

3 Week Diet Program : Table of Content

The Four Stages

Step 1 – The author Brian tells about the specific vegetables and protein sources that are to be taken for the initial days. It helps up in the process of detoxification. In order to escalate the process of detoxification, such sources of the Vitamin A, C and D are added to the diet.

Step 2 – Once we get done with step 1, we move onto this step here we follow the routine of fasting. Normally, it is to be done for 24 hours. They believe, once you get the determination to do so in the manner asked, it won’t really be that tough.

Step 3 – Once a person completes the first two stages, he / she is pretty much ready to go on to the next stage where the demand for food would be satisfied. At this point, your body would require fat in order to re-energize itself. This is done by differentiating the good fat from the bad ones. It is decided on the basis of the intake of carbohydrates. This practice is followed on the 9th, 10th and 11th days.

Step 4 – At this point, the users are asked to measure their BMR and the weight respectively and are given the calorie intake plan according to the same.


· Brian’s 3 Week Diet is the perfect model for the people those are always busy and active in their life. Somehow they are not able to concentrate on the health issues and diet plans. For them, it is certainly the right product to take care of their physical condition and body weight related troubles. Brian said only 30 minutes physical exercises can give you a fit and healthy life. But if you do not exercise regularly and then only 3 days in a week would be enough for your healthy living.

· It is basically a science-based program which can burn up extra fat from the body. This conception is pre-tested.

· There is a myth that slow pace weight loss is safe for health. But it doesn’t exactly hold truth. On the other hand, due to lack of motivation people do not regulate their body weight. But 3-week diet plan offers you a manual which motivates and supports you to carry on their tasks to obtain the desired body.

· The 3 Week Diet Guide is a result oriented formula. It is shaped in such way so that you can able to see the major positive transformations within few days. Quick action and result oriented features make it unique and extraordinary.

· This book has major three areas 1) dieting, 2) exercising 3) motivating. –All these three areas are an inseparable and obligatory part of losing weight.

· The whole presentation is plain, unproblematic, and designed aesthetically.

· The refund option is available. Yes, if you feel this e-book is not able to fulfil your expectations and wishes, you can return it and your total money will be refunded to you. Within 60 days, the entire system will be completed. It is guaranteed.

Additional benefit: Users can get multiple advantages from 3-week diet guide plan within 21 days. Such as-

· It will cut down 12- 23-pound body weight within 3 weeks.

· It can decrease your waistline from 2-4 inches.

· Your dress size can be cut down a 2-3 size.

· It will improve your muscle quality.

· Enhance your metabolism method and reduce your cellulite.

· It energises you and makes your skin and health fit and healthy.

· With the help of this procedure, you can control your cholesterol level.

The 3 Week Diet Program


The program as such does not really have any negative factor associated with it. Generally, with such weight loss programs, people complain about certain side effects but as far as what I had experienced myself, there were none.

But still, the program being in an online format & no printed version is present, may create inconvenience for some. Though the users can take Prints themselves, if need be.

What makes the 3 Week Diet program different from the others?

The main reason why people do not achieve positive results from other similar diets available in the market and often highly publicised and hyped about is due to the fact that, they do not work fast enough. So, it is evident that most people would lose interest and motivation to follow through with such a strict diet program for ages to come. But this program gives you results in a whopping 21 days’ time period only.

You can actually observe the changes in your weight and body within a few days of following this program which keeps you motivated enough and helps you to achieve desired results within 3 weeks. Also, most diets when given up cause people to relapse and start gaining double the weight that they had lost. But that is not the case with the 3 Week Diet program as the results are guaranteed for life.

Refundable Money Policy:

Since the given program is basically an e-book with PDF format, so once you have placed an order for it, you will get the e-book in your personal email link. But if the user feels that this book is not fulfilling their need or customers are not entirely pleased to have this product, simply inform the author and you will get back the total amount paid within 60 days from the date of order. Thus, there is absolutely no risk to lose out on your money. It is an assured policy.

Final Thoughts

At such an affordable price, if one is being guaranteed weight loss that too, within the given time frame, there are absolutely no reasons for why one shouldn’t go for it. The Refund Policy adds on to make an effective decision too. It comes from an experienced professional which makes it more credible. This product is highly recommended from our end. Go for it!!

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